EternalCore March 2019 Friday Afternoon

Course Overview:

With hundreds of attendees, and 30+ expert speakers EternalCore March 2019 was incredible! We’ve been working hard to get this full recording ready of every expert speaker that presented so you can watch them again and again and continue to learn.

Friday Afternoon Agenda

  • Dave Pack
    • Mountaintop Experiences: Using Outdoor Programs for Lasting Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Healing
  • Maurice Harker
    • The Psychological Explanation of Spiritual Influences on Addiction and Misbehavior
  • Shannon Tripp
    • Moving from Broken to Beautiful
  • Alisha Worthington
    • The Godly Design of Intimacy
  • Jodi Hildebrandt
    • How to Choose Personal Responsibility to Heal the Human Soul
  • Panel: Kristin Lang Hansen PhD, Tyson Dixon, Anne Tanner PhD, Tony D’Angelo
    • Spirituality and Science in Mental Health – Competing, Compatible, or Collaborative?
  • Dr. Tony D’Angelo
    • How Spirit Influences the Mind/Body from Chinese Energy Medicine Perspective
  • Cheryl Snapp Conner
    • Mentally Tough People: The 13 Powerful Tools You Can Use
  • Lynne McTaggart with Host Darryl Alder
    • 13 Intention Secrets to Generating Clear and Powerful Intent for Lasting Healing