Lynne McTaggart’s Intention Experiments (Part 2)

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After Lynne McTaggart’s early intention experiments with leaves, seeds and healing water she was eager to use intention to do some major good in the world. Her next experiments were related to improving water quality and to see if intention could bring peace to war-torn areas of the world.

The Peace Experiments

The following year, in 2009, McTaggart and her team tried something more dramatic with their “Peace Intention Experiment” She decided “to take a giant leap, to examine whether ‘group mind’ has the power to lower violence and restore peace. The plan was to have readers all over the world join forces on our website to send peace to a particular war-torn area. … the idea of a mass intention for peace under scientific conditions caught the public imagination, creating a huge buzz virally on the web and attracting tens of thousands of sign-ups in just a few weeks.”

Beginning September 14, 2009, for eight days thousands of people from every continent joined in mass meditation with the intent to lower violence in Sri Lanka’s civil worn torn north. During each of those daily periods of “intention” Roger Nelson, who continuously runs random event generators worldwide, saw a striking drop in violence. However, during the eight-day period, “violence was the highest it had ever been over the entire two-year period during the very week of our experiment,” wrote McTaggart.  Then after that high, it fell, “below what [was] expected. From the perspective of these two-plus years, our week of intention may have proved pivotal. During that week, the Sri Lankan army won a number of strategically important battles, which enabled them to turn around the war.”2  By January, for the first time in nine years, the Wanni district of Sri Lanka was liberated. It was this very area that was the target of the Peace Intention Experiment she had run.

However, there was an unexpected outcome among the participants of this experiment:  “… 44 percent of our participants noticed changes in their relationships with others during the experiment, notably between parents and children, in-laws of every variety or siblings. Intention apparently helped them to feel more love in general, whether they knew the recipient or not.”3

The Clean Water Experiments

McTaggart explained that as her Power of Eight circles grew, she felt that scientifically, “nothing would be considered significant unless I could offer up some more proof in the laboratory. To show we were changing something basic in people, we needed another, simpler kind of global experiment that we could easily quantify.”4

The opportunity nearly fell into her lap when Dr. Masaru Emoto invited her to Japan to participate in the Water and Peace Global Forum in March 2010 for World Water Day. She knew that he considered himself a “‘missionary’ of water, believing that water had an intimate relationship with our minds and that by healing water we would heal the world.”4

His focus was on the polluted “Mother Lake,” Lake Biwa that provides 14 million Japanese residents their drinking water. Urbanization since the 1980’s had left the lake’s natural waters filled with microorganisms and water weeds that brought outbreaks of red tide.

Emoto’s dream was to purify the lake with the healing thoughts of intention, at least symbolically.

But, she wrote, “Up until that time, the only three Intention Experiments that hadn’t delivered a positive outcome had all concerned water.”

Working with Penn State scientist, Rustum Roy, and an audience they would attempt to change water using thought. Roy believed the power of a thought might change the structure of water; there were precedent studies showing intention to irrigation water yielded positive effects.

In his lab, he and staff prepared beakers of water.  Three were placed into control environments taking identical measurements before and after the hour of measuring a target beaker. Then she wrote, “we asked our participants to intend for the measurements of the water to be reduced; …to dim the light reflected back from the water.” Roy reported that as scientists there was one thing certain “his lab had seen results they’d never seen before with their equipment.

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