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In the fourth key of the 7 Keys to God-centric Mental HealthThom Harrison likens each person’s journey for the truth to a Star Wars metaphor, where the characters seek The Force. This Force is an energy field that connects all life and things in their galaxy together in a mysterious sphere of influence.

The Jedi heroes of this story, harness the power of the Force to acquire spiritual energy and “extraordinary abilities, such as levitating objects, tricking minds, and seeing things before they happen. While the Force can grant users powerful abilities, it also directs their actions. And it has a will of its own”[1] that brings balance to the universe.

In his comparison, Thom Harrison writes, you are “the hero or heroine in this story… your story. Your mission is to research the truth. It is to learn the ways of the ‘Force’ to bring balance to your personal area of the universe.”

The Makings of a Hero(ine)

In movies like Star Wars, there is a formula for heroism. In the beginning, these actors are unassuming and a bit unsure of themselves. Then as a kind of underdog, they are forced to confront a huge challenge. But as the plot moves to its climax and against odds and hardship, they find the power to overcome their foes.

The key to this heroism is purpose; a protagonist’s goal. As they work to help others win, this purpose guides their own journey allowing them to overcome their own shortcomings and emerge the victor.

A Hero(ine)’s Personal Burden

Whatever our background or upbringing, like the story’s lead, we start out in faltering and unconfident. Certainly unsure of how or why we should move into risky territory. Things seem to hold us back, but we are not alone in that regard. Know that every hero or heroine worked through their past and moved forward.

Which bears the question: “Who will be that hero(ine) in your story?” Will you wait until you are rescued or take action yourself?

Find Purpose and Take Action Now

Your own mental well being is cause enough to begin the journey. And though you cannot always count on a hero’s rescue, as Harrison assures, he and his “fellow faith-based practitioners are your guides along your way. We are acting as your very own ‘Yoda‘ or ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi‘. Like Yoda or Obi-Wan, who teach Luke about the Force, we can merely guide you towards the real power of healing and transformation, which is God.”[2]

Harrison explained that “The Force was the author’s close metaphor for the Holy Spirit or God or the higher power of the universe. The force of God is the mighty power to save, which ultimately guides our progress in our own core story of healing.”

Then he explains the fourth key to God-centric mental health:

Research truth for you and yours, and let your practitioners and
God lead you to lasting healing

Many mental health professionals are not in a position to make God your partner in healing, yet research shows that faith and religious practice both combine to improve healing.

“In joining the EternalCore community,” Harrison pledges, “you gain access to many guides and the latest research that is making a greater case for a God-centric approach to healing. But, as powerful as scholarly research, peer-reviewed science, powers of technology, and the precepts of this world may be, it is still only God who ultimately guides us into all truth.”

Part of your quest for the truth will be to study the peer-reviewed science and relevant research studies we in our blogs and others’ you will find in your own searches. However, Harrison affirms that EternalCore does something even better as we connect “you with the researchers themselves both in person and remotely. In addition, you will be able to participate in research within and without our community as you add to the base of truth in mental health.”

Your Own Happy Ending

Harrison concludes, “As you learn more information and find new ways to progress in your mental health, you will continue to strengthen your connection to God, yourself, and others. At EternalCore we recommend individual research as well as group research.

The winner’s journey is seldom quick and easy and hero(ine)s are born out of life’s adversities. There will be challenges and growth, obstacles and character development, and an ending worth making. We will be there to help and are ready to celebrate your win.

“In discussion with like-minded and like-hearted people and practitioners, you will begin to engage in the EternalCore community,” Harrison finishes.

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