What is EternalCore.org?

What is EternalCore.org

The purpose of EternalCore is simple – build a community of individuals that want to combat mental health with a faith-based approach. EternalCore was developed to provide an avenue and community for professionals, patients, their caregivers, and the general public. This forum instructs, supports and facilitates learning and continuing education about research and treatments associated with God-centric mental health and how it impacts wellness and increases the odds of becoming sound through the body and minds connection to these principles.

With the massive shortage of psychiatrists and new students entering psychiatric residency programs in medical schools, and the ever-increasing numbers of individuals with mental illness and addiction; our nation is experiencing a mental health crisis.

The centerpiece of EternalCore is our conference March 29-30, 2019, at the Little America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah. During the course of this massive two-day event, we are packing more than 30 hours of presentations from 40 highly qualified and credentialed professionals, authors, and mental-health entrepreneurs who all have belief in God. The average fee for an hour with any one of these speakers ranges from a hundred to several thousands of dollars, but we are pooling together our combined group resources so that you can have the chance to experience this valuable content live and in-person.

In this first conference, Thom Harrison has arranged for his friends Tim Ballard, the CEO of Operation Underground Railroad, to join us, and Clay Olsen, CEO of Fight the New Drug, to bring to light the terrible effects of addiction to pornography and how it leads to the single most distressing plague of our day: the sexual exploitation of children.

Conference speakers include:
Nate Bagley, Martha Johnson, Tim Ballard, Anne Tanner, Tony D’Angelo,
Kenneth Cope, Alisha Worthington, Clay Olsen, Jeanette Bennett, Dan Gray, Jessica Zurcher,
Carrie Mercer, Thom Harrison, Jodi Hildebrandt, Tyler Schwend, Jessica Mass,
and not pictured Alina Fong, Jacob Hess, and Alema Harrington,

There will also be a special evening date night event on Friday night after Tim Ballard gives his keynote address in the afternoon, where you can have dinner with Tim and Thom and go behind the scenes to hear what is really happening in the 15 countries that Operation Underground Railroad is operating in.

Kenneth Cope will join us to share his own story of healing and faith crisis, then Thom Harrison will share a hands-on workshop in the evening. The full conference ticket includes this special date night event with Tim, Thom and Kenneth Cope, or you can just go to one or two days of our keynotes or breakout sessions.

Join with us as we explore and validate these important breakthroughs in the heart-brain connection with wellness and full cognitive advancement our minds were created to achieve.

And now there’s only one thing left to do. 

What’s that one thing?

Comments on What is EternalCore.org?

  1. Grant Farnsworth says:

    I was wondering if there is any kind of student discount. I am planning on going, and have invited many of my fellow students to join me, but I fear that the price is prohibitive. I understand if the prices have to remain where they are, but I thought I would inquire, just in case.

    1. Darryl Alder says:

      There are scholarships for those interested. If that is not up on the site yet, just email your interest to thomas.harrison@mobaliz.org

    2. Darryl Alder says:

      We are now offering student scholarships. If you are interested contact thomas.harrison@mobaliz.org

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