A Guide to our New Website

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to lasting healing! We, at EternalCore, welcome you to the community! We have set up a new, more interactive website to best fit all of our needs. We have created a short guide to help you as you explore our website and dive into your EternalCore Membership.

Learn the EternalCore Philosophy

If you have not already, we always recommend starting with our founding eBook: “7 Keys to God-Centric Mental Health.” This short booklet will give you a quick overview of the EternalCore philosophy. In his book, Thom introduces members to our seven keys to unlock clear purpose, how to meet new friends in our community, and to open your healing up to God in partnership with you. You can find this under the Bonus Vault Tab in eBooks.

Plug into the Community

Our community is an interactive forum for all of us to collaborate. We would love to get to know all of our community members! Set up your profile and introduce yourself under our community tab in the forum “Say Hello.”  

In this forum, you can share your wins, ask questions and seek advice from others. This forum is the real heart and soul of your EternalCore Community; it is a place to chat with others safely. The content there is searchable, as is the rest of EternalCore. It is a place to share the solutions that you have discovered; things that have worked for you.

Through this forum, we can all build better connections. Stay connected with our process by leaving feedback. Connect with other members as you join and participate in specific groups and topics so you can provide and find support under the “Mental Health Groups” category.

Dive into content

Of course, this is why you joined EternalCore, to get the help you are looking for. This website guide points you to your benefits, including

the Course Library, recordings from Conferences, and the Bonus Vault. Best of all, you can pick it right back up where you left off, with this bottom bar.

The Course Library offers engaging courseware written by mental health experts for mental physical therapy and self help. It is designed for individuals looking for mindfulness, as well as for clinicians, therapists, and other mental health professionals seeking continuing educations units (CEUs).

A massive course library is currently in the works. With the first being released VERY soon by our founder Thom Harrison. Each of these courses will be taught by one of the many EternalCore experts and thought leaders. Courses addressing topics like how to treat anxiety with a faith based approach or even how to talk to your kids about modern traps (i.e., pornography and technology).

The Conference section offers videos and handouts from past EternalCore conferences. Subjects include: Couples-Intimacy, Addiction-Drugs, Addiction-Porn/Sex, Trauma/Concussion, Depression-Anxiety, SuicidePrevention, and Mental strength.

The Bonus Vault is packed with other resources including mental health “cheat sheets,” book reviews and our own eBooks.

In our Blog you can read timely articles from mental health professionals and view researched subjects from our staff.

As we add new courses and content, we will keep you updated. We built our website for you, our members, and hope this website guide helped; we would love to hear more from you. Continue to leave feedback in our community forum. We hope this new website will better help provide the lasting healing we are all searching for!

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