Posted on January 17, 2019

Ep. 2: Thom Harrison Discusses The Year Psychiatry Changed Forever

The EternalCore Podcast is dedicated to further discussion of faith’s role in the treatment of mental health. Every week, The EternalCore Podcast brings in experts, practitioners, and professionals every week to expound on a variety of topics pertaining to mental health. In each episode, mental health is explored through the unique lens of faith and spirituality. Explore mental health and faith together with The EternalCore Podcast.

In episode 2, Thom Harrison shares his history working in psychiatry and mental health treatment. Listen along to explore how history has had us always getting by, but never getting better.

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  • If only we could have pushed those suffering to Him for healing instead of the works of man…maybe its not to late for the healing guides to allow the Healer to do the healing! Thanks Thom for the clarity.

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