Anne Tanner, Ph.D

Anne Tanner has a PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Biology from BYU and is the Founder and CEO of Inspiragenix, which performs inspiration-based scientific research. Previously she was the Chief Scientific Officer at Esplin Biotechnology, which develops new technologies and solutions for treating the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. Anne also does research on HIV/AIDS and is an advisor for the non-profit, Bright Water, that aims to provide microbiology-based solutions to provide clean drinking water worldwide. She believes in inspiration-based science and approaches her research by study and also by faith, knowing that God is the Master Scientist who can and does reveal His truths as we ask, seek, and knock in faith. She is passionate about helping sick people get better and has been involved in multiple humanitarian projects including directing an international health conference. She speaks Spanish and Portuguese and enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and friends, and her dog, Scout.

Anne Tanner’s 2019 EternalCore Speaking Schedule:
Friday Afternoon Panel: “Spirituality and Science in Mental Health: Competing, Compatible, or Collaborative?”
Saturday Afternoon Session: “God, the Master Scientist: How Science Correlates Perfectly with Belief and Faith in God”

Anne’s Podcast Episode:
Feb 21, 2019 – Ep. 17: Anne Tanner: How God Acts as Our Master Scientist

Anne’s Video: 

Anne Tanner Phd: We Think We are So Smart Sometimes…But We’re Just Not