Jacob Hess, Ph.D

Jacob Hess

Jacob Hess, Ph.D is a mindfulness teacher and researcher focused on understanding the conditions necessary to for people find more lasting, sustainable healing. Jacob got his doctorate at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign studying the long-term, and in-depth experience of antidepressant use. In addition to 14 peer-reviewed studies, Jacob has authored several books: You’re Not as Crazy as I Thought, But You’re Still Wrong, Once Upon a Time, He Wasn’t Feeling It Anymore and A Third Space: Proposing Another Way Forward in the LGBT/Religious Conservative Impasse. Jacob has also helped create online and mobile classes that introduce mindfulness-based approaches to depression, anxiety, substance abuse and sexual compulsivity (see Mindweather.org).

Jacob Hess’ EternalCore 2019 Speaking Schedule:
Friday Morning Keynote: “Hopeful Science Proving That Deep, Lasting Healing from Serious Mental Illness is Possible”

Jacob’s Podcast Episode: 
Jan 22, 2019 – Ep. 4: Dr. Jacob Hess: How Anti-Depressants May be Slowing Down our Healing Process

Jacob’s Blog Article:
Feb 22, 2019 – Why Have Suicides Increased After Enormous Efforts to Reduce Them?