Jessica Mass

Born and raised in the Midwest, Jessica Mass found her calling in life when she was 13 years old on a church mission trip in the inner-city of Brooklyn, New York. Following high school, she has worked for 17 years in six different states and internationally in non-profit empowering youth in foster care, areas of mental health and human trafficking. Her primary focus has been helping children and youth heal from trauma and empowering them in their hopes and dreams for the future. She also has first-hand experience being a therapeutic foster parent for children that experienced severe neglect, abuse or human trafficking. Jessica is also passionate about collaboration and has been able to train and serve on five continents.

In college, she double-majored in Biblical Studies and Family Education at Multnomah University. She completed the Arts Bridge Scholar grad level program at the University of Utah, has been trained in NLP and is certified in the Teaching Family Model. Jessica has a strong belief that there is always hope for everyone and sometimes it just takes one person pouring into another that will be forever life-changing. When she’s not working she loves being in the outdoors hiking, rock climbing and of course eating frozen yogurt along the way.

Jessica Mass’ EternalCore 2019 Speaking Schedule:
Saturday Afternoon Session: “The Relationships of Faith and Hope in the Rescue and Aftercare”

Jessica’s Podcast Episode: 
Feb 16, 2019 – Ep. 15: Jessica Mass: Ascribing Unsurpassable Love to Our Healing

Jessica’s Video: 

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