Jodi Hildebrandt

Jodi Hildebrandt

Jodi Hildebrandt is an educator of human connection, author of 17 workbooks, & producer of over 100 podcasts. In 2006, she started her personal practice. During this time, Jodi learned valuable lessons on how honesty, responsibility, & humility create connection with self, others, & God. As she saw how people with addictions, fears, & sadness were changing their lives as they chose to live these principles, Jodi decided to create ConneXions—which has been rapidly growing since 2012. Jodi loves to work with people and see them change. She is very passionate about this work and seeing it go throughout the world. She looks forward to working with EternalCore and seeing the attendees find peace, happiness, and freedom in their lives.

Jodi Hildebrandt’s EternalCore 2019 Speaking Schedule:
Friday Afternoon: “How to Choose Personal Responsibility to Heal the Human Soul”

Jodi’s Podcast Episode:
Jan 24, 2019 – Ep. 5: Jodi Hildebrandt: The Counterfeit of Connection

EternalCore’s Blog Article About Jodi:
Feb 25, 2019 – Jodi Hildebrandt: The Counterfeit of Connection

Jodi’s Videos:

Three Principles of Connection