Kelly Bawden

Kelly Bawden

Kelly Bawden is a MFT and is currently working on PhD is Psychology with a focus on Addictions. She has worked with adolescence and adults for over 18 years. Some of her titles have included a residential treatment therapist/ program director, private practice owner, and author. She also has lectured at the Generations Conference in 2015 and presented at the Biggest Loser Resort (Ivins, Utah). She has also presented for legal and engineering companies around Las Vegas. Her areas of specialized training include Substance Abuse and Mental Health, Addiction in Adolescence and Young Adults; Trauma, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, ACT Therapy, Mood Disorders, Anxiety, Family Therapy, Stress Management, Crisis Intervention, Attachment Disorders, and PTSD.

Kelly Bawden’s EternalCore 2019 Speaking Schedule: 
Saturday Afternoon Panel: “Exploring the Latest Information on Anxiety and Depression”

Kelly’s Podcast Episode: 
Mar 14, 2019 – Ep. 25: Kelly Bawden and Annie Weippert: How Treatment Can Involve More Than the Patient


Kelly’s Video:

Finding Peace and Connection: It’s Healing