Kenneth Cope

Kenneth tells us his purpose. He says: “I was born to point people to God. Through song, through words, through every medium available to me, I am to proclaim my Lord’s glorious gospel, and do the greatest good I possibly can to my fellowmen. And while I have all these artistic tools for my use, I am to accomplish my purpose through love.

“I am on the earth to give people hope, and a true sense of their inestimable value in the eyes of their heavenly Parents and their Redeemer. I am passionate about these things, and I strive to have that passion flow out of everything I do.”

Kenneth was born in Salt Lake City, the third of six children. He grew up mostly in Houston, Texas, where he attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. He later served an LDS mission to Switzerland and France. He began his musical career by writing and recording the 1986 Especially For Youth (EFY) theme song and has gone on to compose more than 25 songs for the EFY Program.

Some of Kenneth’s songs like “His Hands” and “Never a Better Hero” have become Latter-day Saint classics. Kenneth has produced eleven albums of his own and is currently finishing up a new project: a dramatic two-act musical for the stage about the life of Jesus Christ, titled Son of Man.

Kenneth says: “I strongly believe that if we are doing with our lives those things God wants us to do, those things He has sent us here to do, He will open the way for us to continue in our path and consistently bring about more good in this world.”

Recognizing Kenneth’s achievements, the Faith Centered Music Association (FCMA) has awarded him numerous PEARL Awards over the years including Male Vocalist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Album of the Year.

Kenneth lives with his wife Kathy in Salt Lake City, Utah.