Dr Tony D’Angelo

Tony D'Angelo

Tony’s first step towards becoming a Qigong practitioner dates back to the year 1980 when he began an apprenticeship in the martial arts.  In 1994, Tony was in Okinawa as a second generation student-in-training with martial arts Grandmaster, Ezio Shimabukuro. During this 35-year period of martial arts study, he recognized that the serious practice of martial arts requires spiritual, as well as physical, growth. He soon decided to devote himself to a vocation of study and practice in the ancient Taoist Chinese medical discipline known as Medical Qigong. In 2009, he enrolled at the International Institute of Medical Qigong in Palm Desert, California, with the intention of becoming a Medical Qigong practitioner, and eventually opening his own practice.

Soon Tony’s journey’s speed accelerated: in 2010, he became a degreed Medical Qigong Practitioner. In 2011, he received a degree as a therapist. In 2012, he received a degree as Doctor of Medical Qigong. During this busy period in training, in 2010 he also opened White Cloud Inner Arts Inc. (now known as Tranquil Cloud Temple), a medical Qigong practice in New Lenox, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Tranquil Cloud Temple is a sanctioned Taoist Temple.

Recently he completed the most profound event in his journey to date. In October 2011 I traveled to Mt. Qingcheng, a sacred mountain in China for Taoists, to become ordained as a 22nd generation Taoist priest. As a Medical Qigong practitioner of the International Institute of Medical Qigong and a recently ordained Taoist priest, his path ahead is dedicated to channeling his energy to assist and inspire others to compassion, kindness, health, and happiness.

Tony D’Angelo’s EternalCore 2019 Speaking Schedule: 
Friday Afternoon Session: “How Spirit Influences the Mind / Body from a Chinese Energy Medicine Perspective”

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Mar 20, 2019 – Ep. 28 Tony D’Angelo: How We Can Fuse the Body with the Soul

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