Tyson Dixon


Tyson Dixon has firsthand experience in recovering from the disease of addiction and went through the Renaissance Ranch in 2008 after years of living in the darkness addiction creates. He has years of service involvement with local recovery programs and has also completed the Licensed Substance Abuse Counseling Program at Utah Valley University. Tyson is passionately motivated to help others as he was helped to overcome the deadly disease of addiction. Tyson has a way in communicating the disease of addiction in a way that can be understood at a level that can be impactful and elicit a positive response with a new perspective to those who may be struggling with addiction. Tyson is currently the CEO at Renaissance Ranch Treatment Centers and oversees a Best of State program with several licensed Doctors and clinicians along with over 100 clients at Renaissance Ranch.

Tyson Dixon’s EternalCore 2019 Speaking Schedule:
Friday Afternoon Panel: “Spirituality and Science in Mental Health: Competing, Compatible, or Collaborative”

Tyson’s Podcast Episode: 
Mar 12, 2019 – Ep. 24: Tyson Dixon: A Story of Heroin Addiction and Redemption

Tyson’s Video:

Everyone Has a Personal and a Professional Story… Mine Overlap

I Needed to Change

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