Spring 2019 Speakers

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Why Speak at EternalCore?

With the massive shortage of psychiatrists and new students entering psychiatric residency programs in medical schools, ever-increasing numbers of individuals with mental illness needing their services and solutions, and skyrocketing instances of addictions and side effects from drug-based solutions; our world is experiencing a mental health crisis.

We believe that we need guidance from the architect who created us.

We are currently engaged in our own research about optimal mental health practices in faith-based communities and want you to both be a part of it and have access to the incredible resources that will soon be available.

We are actively reaching out to researchers, authors, clinicians, therapists, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders who are embracing the latest research that is pointing to the divine. We are looking for those who are open to serving the massive community of patients, consumers, and customers who first seek healing at God’s hand.

Speaker submission has ended for EternalCore Spring 2019. Applications are being taking for EternalCore Fall 2019!

Types of Speakers