Spring 2019 Speakers

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Thom Harrison
Mental Health Professional, Eternal Core Founder, Mobaliz Chairman of the Board
Bruce & Marie Hafen
Noted Religious Leaders, Popular Authors on the Heart
Lynne McTaggart
Best selling author of 'The Intention Experiment,' researcher and lecturer
Tim Ballard
Founder and CEO Operation Underground Railroad & CEO The Nazarene Fund
Alina Fong, Ph.D
Co-Founder of Cognitive FX, Clinical Neuropsychologist emphasis in Neuroradiology
Alema Harrington
Utah Jazz Game Night Host, SUDC at Renaissance Ranch
Tyson Dixon
CEO of Renaissance Ranch, a leading God-centric addiction recovery program
Clay Olsen
Co-Founder and CEO of Fight the New Drug / Fortify. Lectures on Effects of Pornography
Jodi Hildebrandt
Founder of ConneXions, Podcaster with 500,000 Listeners in 23 Countries
Dan Gray
LCSR, CSAT. Clinical Director and Co-Founder of LifeSTAR Network with over 30 locations
Dr. Mark Chamberlain
Leading author of 'Love You, Hate the Porn', Therapist
Cheryl Snapp Conner
CEO, Snapp-Conner PR, #1 Article on Mental Toughness
Dr Tony D’Angelo
Medical Qigong practitioner of the International Institute of Medical Qigong, Taoist Priest
Jacob Hess, Ph.D
PhD on depression treatment, 14 peer-reviewed studies, Author of 4 books
Kenneth Cope
Popular religious vocalist and composer of 13 albums
Alisha Worthington
Sexual Health Expert & Co-Author of 'Real Intimacy'
Jeanette Bennett
Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Utah Valley Magazine
Maurice Harker
Founder & Director of Life Changing Services, author of
Kelly Bawden
Clinical Director, Eagle Ranch Outpatient Services
Kris Groves
LASUDC, Program Director and Cofounder, Renaissance Ranch
Anne Tanner, Ph.D
Founder, Inspiragenix, PhD in microbiology/molecular biology
Annie Weippert
LCSW, Clinical Director Adolescent Residential of Eagle Ranch Academy
Hanna LeBaron
Executive Clinical Director, LCSW, EMDR Certified at Maple Mountain Recovery
Jessica Zurcher, Ph.D
Communications PhD, Professor at BYU
Collin Kartchner
Social Activist with #SavetheKids Popular Speaker on Social Media, Smart Phones
Angel Lybbert MD, MPH
Geriatrician at Intermountain’s Utah Valley Senior Clinic
Ragan Lybbert, MS
MS in Marriage and Family Therapy
Kristin Lang Hansen, PhD
Harvard Medical Post Doctoral Work, BYU Affiliate Faculty
Nate Bagley
Relationship Researcher, Founder of Mormon Marriages & UtahDateNight.com
Carrie Mercer
President of Intima Health: Software app company, founded with Josh Mercer
Jessica Mass
Director of Aftercare for Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.)
Dave Pack
Chief Scout Executive, Largest Council & Outdoor Camping Program in US
Former Pastor of the Rock Canyon Assembly of God and Provo City Police Chaplain Dean Jackson will be leading the Saturday Morning Devotional on March 30th, 2019 at the EternalCore.org Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Little America Hotel
Pastor Dean Jackson
Former pastor of Rock Canyon Assembly of God and Provo City Police Chaplain
Garrett Rose
Executive Director of Break Free Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) that educates youth
Shannon Tripp
IAmMomSummit.com Top Speaker, Pediatric Nurse & Motherhood Educator
Unity Gospel Choir
Renowned Gospel Choir led by celebrated voice coach Debra Bonner
Tyler Schwend
Aftercare Rehabilitator at Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.)

Why Speak at EternalCore?

With the massive shortage of psychiatrists and new students entering psychiatric residency programs in medical schools, ever-increasing numbers of individuals with mental illness needing their services and solutions, and skyrocketing instances of addictions and side effects from drug-based solutions; our world is experiencing a mental health crisis.

We believe that we need guidance from the architect who created us.

We are currently engaged in our own research about optimal mental health practices in faith-based communities and want you to both be a part of it and have access to the incredible resources that will soon be available.

We are actively reaching out to researchers, authors, clinicians, therapists, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders who are embracing the latest research that is pointing to the divine. We are looking for those who are open to serving the massive community of patients, consumers, and customers who first seek healing at God’s hand.

Speaker submission has ended for EternalCore Spring 2019. Applications are being taking for EternalCore Fall 2019!

Types of Speakers